Vacationland (detail)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Untitled Triptych, oil on linen 30 x 86 inches

This photo of the painting is from a couple of weeks ago. Things are significantly further along now, and though I swear I took a photo of its current state, I can't seem to locate it.  The depicted frame is a mock-up that I did for my friend and framemaker, Hugh Williams, who is now in the midst of building the actual frame. The working title for the piece is Expatriates. 

Friday, October 21, 2011


Graeme C. Baker, 1938 - 2011

The last month has been an emotional roller coaster.  In spite of my success in the painting world, my father's rapidly declining health and ultimately his death hovered over most days. When his final day came it was merciful;  nonetheless we are heartbroken and will miss him terribly.  

The high to balance the low was my exhibition at Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland. Jake and Mary did a super job hosting the event. Thank you to good friends Davis and Alyssa Taylor  as well as Mandy Schumaker and Ted O'Meara for making the trip to Mid-Coast and showing support. Some of my favorite pieces are off to excellent collections across the country. I had a chance to meet some of the collectors and was charmed by many, but especially the fabulous photographer Cig Harvey and her husband, filmmaker Doug Stradley; Kaja and Cali Veilleux; and the Barkers from Nashville.

I have posted many of the paintings that were in the exhibition, and though they are on the DW site, this one in particular is a favorite that I hadn't yet posted:

 Summer Selkies,  oil on linen mounted on panel, 24 x 40 inches

And looking ahead: I've been working on another triptych. Though the painting is quite far along, I've struggled to carve out the time to bring it to a close. It totals 8 feet in width and contains some passages that I've very pleased with.  I'll snap an in-progress shot this weekend and post it on Monday.