Vacationland (detail)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


As some of you know I get easily sidetracked, and though there is plenty of painting happening, currently my major distraction is tapping the maple trees on our property to collect sap. I've tapped some of the trees in the past, but this year I've gone all in: tapped about 20 trees and tracked down a used evaporator pan. The weather has been great for sap flow which also means that Spring is really starting to make itself seem like a possibility. That said, I'm sure Maine's infamous mud-season will insert itself in the next month. The last few days have yielded nearly 40 gallons of sap--a critical number as the ratio of sap to syrup is about 40:1. The boys and I are looking forward to boiling the sap this weekend.  There's nothing like a raging fire to attract the attention of Finn and Corin (or any boy for that matter). [or girl!!! --Sarah edit]

"Castle", 2013, oil on linen mounted on panel, 24 x 26 inches

So, back to painting... I just sent a piece down to Gallery Henoch in New York. It's been a while since I've sent them anything, so if you're in NYC and are missing DGB, you should pop in and see this new piece. The painting evolved from a single figure on the bed to the two figures cozied up. There are lots of little details including a bed sheet with a frog pattern that puts a little bit of humor in the painting. In my typical tangled way, I've drawn on themes of loneliness, longing, and love (the three L' s of all good painting and country songs) added some real life detail (exposed box spring and photos taped to the wall), not to mention a dash of princesses; costumes; and, for good measure, a mini-vanitas still life set-up on the bookshelf.

I've also started a few other projects and am looking forward to sharing the images, but for now I'm going to wait. Upcoming are a couple of large canvases, a new triptych, and a portrait.

....and two thank yous:

Britta Konau featured Scott Kelley, Devon Dobrowolski, and me in "The Canvas" in Maine Home + Design.

Rick Beerhorst did an on-line interview with me on Monday March 4th for his fantastic (daily!!) blog.