Vacationland (detail)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Evidence of Industry -- Happy New Year

Though to some it may seem that I  have fallen into a distant rabbit hole, there are (trust me) others who know that I have been hard at work. I did just enjoy a fairly e-mail free Christmas week in which I painted not a lick, but otherwise I have been working quite hard.  I'm told that from time too time restorative weeks such as last week are in order.  I am inclined to believe them, especially as more and more of the creative work of image making happens away from the easel. Well, I am back at it today. I'm finishing up a painting of Sarah that is similar to the painting form last year entitled "Sparrow".  In this one she is seen from behind, so the scant details in the painting are of her neck, earlobe, and hair elastics. I'll post a picture soon.
     In the spirit of cleaning off my desk, I thought I'd post a few my final paintings of last year. I'll go in reverse chronological order, starting with a portrait triptych that I finished just before Christmas. Troy Stafford did a lovely job on the frame:

Mallory triptych, oil on three panels, 17" x 65" (total length)

And before the portrait (which, by the way, was an enormously fun project in which I was given free rein) I painted this largish figurative piece and the accompanying study.

Sidereal Day, oil on linen, 36" x 60"

"Study for Sidereal Day", oil on panel, 9" x 12" 

And one final image: this was painted in September just after my exhibition in Rockland.

"Causeway", oil on linen, 24" x 40"