Vacationland (detail)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Exhibition This Week

"Sparrow", oil on linen mounted on panel, 14" x 19"

I am just dotting i's and crossing t's at this point. I've finishing touches on two paintings to take care of and a bit of frame finishing to go. All this is in preparation for my exhibition at Dowling Walsh that opens on Friday the 31st.  Most of the work has been delivered to the gallery, so if you're in Rockland you can stop by and have a preview. If you do not happen to be lucky enough to be enjoying a perfect summer day in Maine, you can just check out their website. They've recently updated my page  with the new images.

Speaking of websites, my very own site just underwent a facelift--complete with rollovers and slideshows!  My friend Dani Meier was the creative and tech force behind it. I chose to simplify and cut out many of the older paintings. Dropping the portrait section has caused the most comments. The reason for this is that though I still do take commissions, I've had the luxury of being able to be more fussy about which projects to take on so I'm not advertising that part of my painting life quite as much.

The above painting (with the awesome frame--thank you Troy!) is already at the gallery. It has a really magical presence that gives me great pleasure whenever I see it. And I'll have to add that as lovely as I think it is in this digital presentation, it seriously glows when seen in person.

So, I'll get back to my easel for final details. I hope to see some of you this Friday in Rockland.


  1. Saw your show at Dowling Walsh recently- sold out! Congratulations.

  2. Kathy-
    Thank you for making the trip. Very much appreciated!!