Vacationland (detail)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


"Leap Day", oil on linen 30 x 49 inches
Well, Leap Day is a few years away (or a year ago...) but of course celebrating such a day seems a perfect excuse to buy helium filled balloons. And, yes, the boys and I did inhale the helium after I was done with the painting--science and silliness, what's not to like?  Add all that to a masochistic desire to paint snow fencing and ta-da!!

This painting is off to Dowling Walsh later today. I'll be driving it down myself. I'm looking forward to the drive as today the weather is simply amazing AND there are a few places along Route 1 that I've noticed lately with the thought of setting a painting. So, I've got some music (a fantastic new album by Phosphorescent) and some podcasts ready to go along for the afternoon (Slate's Culture Gabfest...btw, last week's episode about the work habits of creative people was fascinating).

The last few weeks have been full of inspiration with ideas for new paintings fast accumulating. I'm working through sketches and scribbles trying to get them all down lest I forget them. Any readers of this blog well know I'm not the best at posting, but I'll make an effort to post some of the drawings as I finish them. Promise.

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  1. Curious about Phosphorescent - is this music that you also listen to while painting? And if so, does it represent the general pace of your brush while you paint?

    Love the work! I am struggling to paint a landscape that has the same type of expanse of yellowed grass - interesting to see how you've tackled it. Any chance to get a close shot on the brushwork there?