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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Of Magnets and Mowing

It's been a quiet couple of days of cleaning up my studio, puttering around the house, catching up on European soccer and mowing the lawn. Getting ready for a show tends to require me to put the rest of the world on “pause”. Sarah and the boys are exempt from “pause” status. Lawn mowing is not.

On Monday, Jake Dowling, owner of Dowling Walsh Gallery, brought his big blue truck and his impeccably dressed two year old son to Hancock Point. He picked up the last of my work for my show. Sarah the-trusty-studio-manager had made two trips in recent weeks to drop off work at the gallery in Rockland. But even Sarah's optimism and my ingenuity couldn't engineer a way to transport an 81 x 60 inch high drawing in one of our average-sized cars. So Jake and his son made the two hour trip to Hancock to pick up my as of yet untitled, but truly enormous drawing and four smaller pieces.

As a technical aside, mounting the drawing on a board and framing it was quite a challenging project. In the end I used neodymium magnets (pull force over 25lbs!!) to hold the drawing in place. Once those babies snapped into place, there was no going back.

The show opens this Friday, October 4. There's a reception from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m., so if you find yourself in mid-coast Maine, please stop by Dowling Walsh to see the show. Jake, Mary, Kirsten and Gus always put on a great opening with good food and drinks. I'll be there, joined by Sarah and surrounded by 30 of my drawings.  

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