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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

And The Living is Easy?

Yes, it is summertime and in some ways the living is easy.  No snow to shovel, no oil bills to pay, no morning scrambles to get the boys off to school.  But there's a lot going on for the Baker family this summer and while much of it is good, I'm finding it hard to get in much painting.

We are undergoing a major home renovation.  My studio is becoming the kitchen and the kitchen is becoming my studio.  The light was wrong for these two spaces: the studio got lots of southern light and was often too bright, while the kitchen had the steady - but darker seeming - northern light.  The project is stretching out over at least five months.  While the work is being done I am working out of a third floor bedroom that's tiny with less-than-ideal lighting; it also gets wicked hot on summer days.  In the long run, I will get an amazing studio out of this renovation so I'm not grumbling too much.  But my productivity has waned a bit.

It's likely that your summer is relaxing, but busy, but should you find yourself with time to visit a gallery or two, there are several spots where I have work this summer.  I just dropped this painting off last week at Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, Maine.
February, Oil on linen mounted on panel, 25 1/4 x 38 inches, 2015
I also have work at Artemis Gallery in Northeast Harbor, Maine.  This is a great spot with a collection of numerous Maine-based artists.  It's tucked just off the main street of beautiful bustling Northeast Harbor with a shaded courtyard that offers respite on a summer's day. And if you are lucky enough to be on Nantucket this summer, Quidley & Company has two of my paintings in their summer show.


  1. It shouldn't be warm in Maine now, time goes by so fast... let's hope winter is a good time for painting and enjoying your new studio... Happy new year by the way

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